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Program Content


1. SITE, Mission, Vision and Values
2. The value of certification
3. Other industry certifications and how this one differs
4. Additional benefits of CIS: monthly newsletter, recognition by other industry organizations, CIS Congress, work opportunities, CIS positioning.
5. Terms of the CIS: duration, ethical standards, personal vs company certification

This module will introduce participants into the world of Incentives and Motivational experiences, setting the basis for an overall understanding of this segment of the market. This is the answer to the question: Why incentives or motivational experiences and incentive travel?

1.1 Incentive Programs and Incentive Travel - Definition
1.2 Origins and sophistication of incentives
1.3 Rewards, awards and recognition
1.4 The power of non-cash awards
1.5 Perceived value of Incentive Travel
1.6 Differentiation of Incentive Travel in the meetings and events industry
1.7 Hard data on Incentive Travel
1.8 Determining the need for an incentive program: a profile of potential users (enhancing productivity, keeping valued employees, engaging employees)
1.9 The role of motivation and engagement: pleasing buyers and participants

This module will showcase the market for incentive travel and motivational experiences. The actors, the scenario and the timing: This module is the answer to the questions: Who, where and when?

2.1 The actors

2.1.1 The Producer
a) Corporations
b) Other organizations

The Intermediary or third party
a) Incentive Fulfillment House, Incentive House
b) Travel agency
c) Incentive Planner

2.1.3 The Supplier
a) Hotels
b) Airlines
c) DMCs
d) Restaurants
e) Production companies
f) Technology providers
g) Ground transportation
h) Awards
i) Team-building
j) Motivational speakers
k) Giveaways
l) Other service providers

2.2 The Scenario

2.2.1 Destinations
a) Domestic
b) International
c) Recreational
d) Metropolis
e) Cultural
f) Various destinations circuits

2.2.2 Hospitality
a) European Plan
b) All Inclusive
c) Resorts

2.2.3 Venues for events
a) Historical sites
b) Public places
c) Museums
d) Theme Parks

2.3 Timing
a) Duration of incentive travel program
b) Usual dates in the year for incentive travel
c) Using holidays, long week-ends and city festivals

This module will introduce the participant to the actual process of incentive travel and motivational experiences from varying value chain perspectives. The module will effectively cover the roadmap for planning and delivery. This module is the answer to the questions: What and How?

a) Participant profile
b) Origins and destination of participants
c) Communications
d) Company policy
e) Creating the “wow” factor – the first step: themed events, attention to detail, everyone as a VIP, entertainment, CSR events, impact on emotions.
f) The distribution system- using all available resources to create the trip
g) Destination selection
h) Venue and accommodation selection
i) Air and ground transportation
j) Food and beverage considerations
k) Site inspection trips
l) Understanding industry jargon and terminology
m) Tools for Professionals
n) Cultural differences and considerations when planning for a destination abroad
o) Creating the program: designing rules so the program works!
p) The budgeting process and ROI: creating a budget with a positive ROI.
q) Technology in the incentive industry

This module will initiate participants in market phenomena.

a) A selective market vs. a mass market
b) Convergence and other trends
c) RFP’s and RFI’s – managing them effectively
d) Creating and building client relationships
e) Effective proposals and presentations
f) Expanding the program - creating new opportunities
g) Trade shows
h) Education opportunities
i) Organizations: SITE, Incentive Marketing Association, MPI, PCMA, ICCA, ASAE and IAEE

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